Bain has his hands in a lot of little fires.... Foremost, he's husband to Amanda Kapousouz (AKA Tin Cup Prophette) and father to Basil and Nina. He and his family live in the amazing creativity filled Athens, GA. 
Bain is excited to release his first ever book of family friendly poetry, "The Day The World Flipped Over." It's a whole slew of lighthearted stories, quirky characters, and cautionary tales all living in this book together. Sometimes they're a little bittersweet; sometimes they're laugh out loud goofy. Along with Bain's folky scribbly drawings, these rhymes are perfect for reading to your loved ones at bedtime and on the couch.

In Bain's second book of verses and doodles (Creatures Peculiar and Crooks), he treats us to a pocketful of slightly creepy, sad, hairy, scaly, growly, or maybe just unnerving tales... the very kind of thing that kids of all ages like to read just before shutting out the lights.

Bain Mattox's creative career started in the 1990s with a modest but successful music endeavor, traveling the country and playing shows for his fans. Since 2010, Bain has opened up a neighborhood bar, a restaurant/music venue, and a pizza place.
All along, he's continued to write songs, short stories, and poems for his own enjoyment as well as his wife and two kids in their Athens, GA home.