The Day The World Flipped Over


Today was the day that the world flipped over

The sky turned green, and blue was the clover

Everything that was distorted and changed

Things that once were, were now rearranged


The cowboys rode turtles around outer-space

Aliens drove street-cars in the Wild West plains

Carpenters used type-writers, Authors used tools

Lifeguards gave flu shots, Doctors guarded pools


Children taught school to their moms and dads

Frogs were in trees, birds on lily pads

Cats chased dogs, cheese ate mice

Grandmas were mean and criminals were nice


Flowers buzzed around and pollinated bees

Lumberjacks were getting cut down by the trees

We swam on the mountains and climbed all the seas

Rode camels through the snow, and through the dessert we skied


We ate ketchup on pancakes and syrup on fries

Pickles on pizza and even in pies

Cheese in our coffee, nachos with mustard

Salt flavored toffee, peppery custard


We saw with our ears, and heard through the nose

Felt with our eyes and smelled with our toes

Our tongue still tasted, but not quite completely

Things that were bitter, now tasted sweetly


Babies where changing the grown-ups' diapers

Bikes raced on salt flats swishing  wind-shield wipers

Planes drove on streets and cars flew around

Helicopters sailed oceans, boats just laid on the ground


We went to bed in the morning, and woke up at night

When we walked in the room, we turned out the lights

We bathed in mud puddles, got dirty in the shower

Minutes were seconds and seconds were hours


The sun glowed dimly all through the night

The moon shined brightly and lit up the sky

The rain lifted up from the clouds on the ground

The ocean was still, no waves, no sounds


And just like that, the world flipped back over

The sky turned blue, and green was the clover

Everyone did as they normally do

And all was routine again, through and through


I can't help but miss that strange universe

When everything switched up and got all reversed

Doing what normally makes little sense

Like camping in houses, and living in tents


But planting and apple and eating a seed

That somehow kind of makes sense to me

Or a Dad being mom-like, or a Mom like a Dad

Would be a little bit different, but not all that bad


All I know is that a glimpse of change

When everything's backwards, and all rearranged

Makes me think of what I already have

And makes me thankful and comfy and glad.




The Bothersome Calico Weevily Snoops


Scienstists have done some new discovering

A force of nature that's always been hovering

But too small to see to the naked eye

These crafty critters... identified


You know that feeling when clothes don't fit?

You can't seem to put your finger on it

All day you wiggle to make it feel right

Your pants feel too loose, and also too tight


Your shoes feel like there's sand in the bottom

Stray hairs in your shirt, but you can't seem to spot 'em

Your socks feel like they've got bubbly toes

Shoe laces too short to tie in a bow


That mysterious nuisance has finally been solved

An animal's all along been involved

And they are to blame for your clothing's distresses

Destroying your shoes, your socks, your dresses


When you're asleep, they crawl in your drawers

They sneak through the cracks in your closets' doors

Tightening threads and some they let out

Loosening hems all throughout


Some go outside and bring in some dirt

And carefully place it inside your shirt

Positioning hairs in nooks and crannies

In parts of your pants that tickle your fannies


They draw out your socks but only a little

An irritant that sets your toes to wiggle

Grains of sand they put in the cracks

That itch at your bum in the seams of your slacks


They stretch out the button holes almost twofold

So now all the buttons are too small to hold

They're friends with moths and invite them in

To nibble some holes in your wool cardigan


When you awake and start to get dressed

These out of sight devils are at rest in their nest

Leaving the mess of your garbs and apparel

Sending you into a dancing of peril


In their analysis, they wanted to know

The reason the beasties bungled your clothes

They found that it's just like how ants makes their hills

Or Bees make honey, and why termites drill


The bugs they are feeding off static 'lectricity

Pulling and pawing the nitty the gritty

Charging up fabric to get themselves fed

Working the grind stone will you are in bed


So really these insects, they mean you no harm

They have no intent to cause itchy arms

The job that they do is not against you

But simply the work they must carry through


Garment malfunctions that make you feel irked

Are caused by a tribe of meddling jerks

Discovered and named by the scientist troop

As the “Bothersome Calico Weevily Snoops.”